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Product Information

  • Product Name: Trampolin
  • Date of Introduction: 1991
Updated in Nov 2006 and now manufactured from Aluminium.
  • Type: Turntable baseboard


The Trampolin is abaseboard for the LP12, fitted as standard from 1991 and designed to further improve acoustic and mechanical isolation of the turntable from its surrounding when used on standard furniture or wall shelves.

From 2006 it is now manufactured from high quality aluminium and features acoustic dampening material to minimise unwanted movement and vibration to provide an even better audio performance.

When the LP12 is used in rooms with solid concrete floors or on heavy furniture, sound quality can be improved by fitting the Trampolin. This provides greatly improved isolation from floor-borne vibration (20dB at 100Hz), and its adjustable feet accommodate items of furniture which make the turntable difficult to level accurately. However, where suspended wooden floors are concerned (which may upset Trampolin suspension), for best results from this upgrade we recommend that the turntable is mounted on a wall bracket.

The Trampolin suspension upgrade is a dealer fitted option as it is important that a correct assessment of the turntable positioning is made. If furniture or room decoration does not allow use of the Trampolin, the acoustic feedback isolation gained by replacing the standard fibreboard base of the LP12 with a new rigid type is till very well worthwhile. This rigid base is made from the same material as the Trampolin, but has no additional suspension, and uses standard LP12 hard feet.


The Trampolin baseboard will need to be installed and configured by your Linn retailer.

For further assistance, try our customer support pages