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Software version for Linn DS/DSM:

Linn DS/DSM Products Davaar >=37 software name Davaar 50=> software name Notes
Akurate DS/0 up to AkurateDs_4.37.1671 from AkurateDsMk1_4.50.110
Akurate DS/1 up to AkurateDs_4.37.1671 from AkurateDsMk2_4.50.110
Akurate DS/2 up to AkurateDs_4.37.1671 from AkurateDsMk3_4.50.110 Exakt
Akurate DS/3 none from AkurateDsMk4_4.61.196 Katalyst
Akurate DSM/0 up to AkurateDsm_4.37.1671 1 from AkurateDsmMk1_4.50.110
Akurate DSM/1 up to AkurateDsm_4.37.1671 1 from AkurateDsmMk2_4.50.110 Exakt
Akurate DSM/2 None from AkurateDsmMk2_4.50.110 Exakt + HDMI2
Akurate DSM/3 None from AkurateDsmMk3_4.62.200 Katalyst
Akurate Exakt DSM/0 up to AkurateExaktDsm_4.37.1671 from AkurateExaktDsm_4.50.110 Exakt
Akurate Exakt DSM/1 none from AkurateExaktDsm_4.50.110 Exakt + HDMI2
none from AkurateExaktDsmMk2_4.62.200 Component change
Kiko up to KikoDsm_4.37.1671 from KikoDsm_4.54.135 HDMI1 only
None from KikoDsmMk2_4.62.200 HDMI1 only + Component change
Klimax DS/0 up to KlimaxDs_4.37.1671 from KlimaxDsMk1_4.50.110
Klimax DS/1 up to KlimaxDs_4.37.1671 from KlimaxDsMk2_4.50.110
Klimax DS/2 up to KlimaxDs_4.37.1671 from KlimaxDsMk3_4.50.110 Exakt
Klimax DS/3 None from KlimaxDsMk4_4.50.110 2 Exakt + KATALYST
None from KlimaxDsMk5_4.63.223 2 Component change
Klimax DSM/0 up to KlimaxDsm_4.37.1671 1 from KlimaxDsmMk1_4.50.110
Klimax DSM/1 up to KlimaxDsm_4.37.1671 1 from KlimaxDsmMk2_4.50.110 Exakt
Klimax DSM/2 None from KlimaxDsmMk3_4.50.110 2 Exakt + KATALYST + HDMI2
None from KlimaxDsMk4_4.63.223 2 Component change
Klimax Exakt DSM/0 up to KlimaxExaktDsm_4.37.1671 1 from KlimaxExaktDsm_4.50.110
Klimax Exakt DSM/1 None from KlimaxExaktDsm_4.50.110 HDMI2
None from KlimaxExaktDsmMk2_4.63.223 Component change
Majik DS/0 up to MajikDs_4.37.1671 from MajikDsMk1_4.50.110
Majik DS/1 up to MajikDs_4.37.1671 from MajikDsMk1_4.50.110
Majik DS/2 up to MajikDs_4.37.1671 from MajikDsMk2_4.50.110 Exakt
none from MajikDsMk3_4.62.200 Component change
Majik DSI up to MajikDsi_4.37.1671 from MajikDsi_4.50.110
Majik DSM/0 up to MajikDsm_4.37.1671 from MajikDsmMk1_4.50.110 no HDMI
Majik DSM/1 up to MajikDsm_4.37.1671 1 from MajikDsmMk2_4.50.110 HDMI initial
Majik DSM/2 up to MajikDsm_4.37.1671 1 from MajikDsmMk3_4.50.110 Exakt
Majik DSM/3 None from MajikDsmMk3_4.50.110 Exakt + HDMI2
None from MajikDsmMk4_4.62.200 Component change
Sekrit DSI up to SekritDsi_4.37.1671 from SekritDsi_4.50.110
Sekrit DSM up to SekritDsm_4.37.1671 from SekritDsm_4.54.135 original
none from SekritDsmMk2_4.62.200 Component change
Sneaky DS up to SneakyMusicDs_4.37.1671 from SneakyMusicDs_4.54.135
Sneaky DSM up to SneakyDsm_4.37.1671 from SneakyDsm_4.54.135
Sekrit DS None from SekritDs_4.57.178 original
None from SekritDsMk2_4.62.200 Component change

1 original HDMI1 boards only, upgrade HDMI2 boards will only work with Davaar50+
2 Only support HDMI2 boards