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  • Select the input you wish to delay from the Sources tab
  • Make sure Digital Features is set to On.
    • This only applies to Analog inputs on certain devices. Off provides an analog bypass audio path, which means SPACE optimistation, songcast, and delay can not be used with the input.
Note: This feature is only available with an analogue only playback with DSM products with the necessary circuitry. If you connect Exakt speakers or Exakt-box this feature is disabled.
  • Select the relevant option for Delay Mode
    • Minimal: the smallest delay the device can offer (10-15ms)
    • Songcast Sync: fixed delay which guarantees Songcast remains in-sync (150ms)
    • Video sync: traditional user-adjustable lipsync setting (Songcast will also be in-sync for delays greater than 150ms)
  • For Video sync, the Delay value must also be set. This can be found on the Device tab. It can also be adjusted using the right and left handset keys when the given input is selected.