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  • Speakers can be driven from any combination of:
  • Direct analogue output from the DSM
  • Exakt Speaker
  • Exaktbox configured with crossovers for one or two speakers
  • Exaktbox configured as passthrough for up to 6 or 8 surround speakers
  • Linn Selekt DSM cartridge(s)
Examples of speaker setups can be found HERE

  • You cannot assign mulitple Subwoofer types in the same Exaktbox.
that is, You can ONLY be assign
    • one or more LFE (Surround playback only) or
    • one or more MONO Subwoofer (Stereo Playback only) or
    • one or more LEFT Subwoofer (Stereo Playback only) or
    • one or more RIGHT Subwoofer (Stereo Playback only)

E.g. But NOT a LFE AND MONO on the same Exaktbox

Konifg-ExaktBox-Channel Select.jpg

above is an Exaktbox configured for "8 channel passthrough"
In "6 or 8 channel passthrough" Exaktbox filter selection then this Exaktbox CANNOT be used for "digital crossover" speakers as well.