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The first Savant.png approved IP control driver has designed for the Linn Selekt DSM

This is included in the Savant System Library and allows you to to use with all configurations of Linn Selekt cartridges.

Selekt DSM profile

V1.1 released April 2022 (downloadable from HERE )
You can configured the Savant profile to match the cartidge configuration of the Linn Selekt DSM (IP):
This includes addition of
  • Selekt HDMI Switch card
  • Slot 1, 2 and 3 configuration.
> All 3 slots allow you to select 2Ch LINE OUT, POWER OUT and SUB + SPEAKER OUT modules.
> Slot 1 is the only slot you can group all 3 slots to make it surround sound. Use SURROUND LINE OUT or SURROUND POWER OUT module to group 3 slots together and form it as surround sound..
This device will generate an AM Radio service for the internal Network Radio service and provide seek functionality

Savant Home-Page.png       Savant Media Inputs.png       Savant Audio inputs.png       Savant HDMI Inputs.png

Recommend that the Linn Selekt DSM has a MAC Address reservation on the DHCP server to maintain the same IP address for this installation.

Racepoint-Blueprint Selekt.png