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Series3 Touch Interface notifications

Top plate indicator.png
10. Volume indicator
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. Primarily the outer ring is the volume level indicator.
This also has other indications:
      Series3-startup-125px.gif ⊕ Initial startup/power on, the full volume ring will pulse slowly. This indicates that the Series3 is either
      ⁃ Starting up, this typically takes 20-40seconds, or
      ⁃ Doing a software update. This should take less than 10minutes (If this takes longer then double check that you have Ethernet cable plugged into the LAN socket and NOT the Exakt socket Exakt-Sender.png)

      Pin-Select-NoVol-125px.gif ⊕ Press any of the Favourite/PIN buttons, the volume indicator will illuminate beside this button to show that it has been selected

      Bt-scan-125px.gif Bluetooth scan in progress

      Wifi-Scan-125px.gif WiFi scan in progress
11. Linn icon
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Top-Plate notifications-Close-UnMute.png

Normal operation with the Series 3 playing music

Top-Plate notifications.png

Linn symbol has a lower brightness level the Series3 speakers are MUTED

Exakt-Wakeup-125.gif Linn symbol flashing shows that the Series 3 searching for a partner Series3 speaker

Top-Plate notifications-NoNetwork.png

If you do not have a live Wifi/network/LAN connection to the Series 3 then the Linn symbol on the dial will go red.
If you select the HDMI-ARC input or Bluetooth to the Series 3 speaker this red light will go out

If your network cable is plugged in and your network/LAN is alive then check that you have the network/LAN cable plugged into the LAN socket and NOT the Exakt socket.