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New Majik DSM 2020 Buttons.jpg

1. PIN BUTTONS1- Personalised media selection / Shortcut buttons/Pins 1-6. Creation on PINS can be found in the Kazoo Manuals or Linn App

2: Control button2 - Main control interface switch (for Volume, Menu navigation and selection).

3. Headphone socket - 1/4" / 6.35mm Jack .

4. Volume level & Mute - indicators of Volume level and Mute state.

5. Software update available - Use Linn App or Konfig to perform this update.

6. Media information - This will show the current source name/track name/Radio station etc and the Majik DSM Menu display.

7. Transport information' -Tthe Play/Stop/Pause/Buffering symbol to shows you the current transport state.

1 A quick press of this button will select your PIN. For more information on PINS check the FAQ-What is a PIN
> Quickly press the PIN to action it.
> Press AND HOLD to show a preview of what this PIN can do.
2-Volume/Source/Menu/Transport button
Quick press/Tap action
*Left/Right buttons:
> Decrease/increase the Volume levels in standard mode
> Move left/right in Menu mode
*Centre button:
>Toggle between Pause/Play if you are playing a Music stream such as a Playlist, Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify.
>Press AND HOLD for Standby
> "Select" in Menu mode.
*Up/Down buttons
> Select Source
> Move Up/Down in Menu mode

Bluetooth speaker setup: such as Alexa, Google Home etc

Bluetooth-icon.pngBluetooth Setup -Initial setup to pair up your Bluetooth device, (iPhone, iPad, Alexa Echo, Android...), to the Majik DSM}}

Majik PINS Blutooth.jpg

Setting up Bluetooth using the Pin buttons

1. Select the Bluetooth menu on your device for pairing
2. Press and hold Pins 3 & 4 on the Majik DSM until "Bluetooth: Pairing..." appears on the front panel display
3. Select the Majik DSM (Room name), from the list of available Bluetooth devices on your device for pairing

This will now allow your Alexa/Google Home to play music on the Majik DSM