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Can I download Kazoo directly without going to the Microsoft or Apple Store?

The Kazoo app is a "signed" piece of software that is authorised to use the operating system system libraries. This signed software is only available from the applicable Apps stores.

The only unsigned Kazoo software is early versions of Kazoo, with limited features, is available from

When I open up Kazoo I cannot see any Rooms/DS's

  • Check the Kazoo Settings > Subnet are set to the same network as your Linn DS. (typically these are 192.168.***.***).
  • Also on your Windows PC
    • Go into "Settings" > "Network & Internet" > "Change Connection properties"
    • Check that “Make this PC discoverable” is turned ON

Kazoo freezing/hanging on Windows PC

There have been reports that Kazoo keeps freezing/hanging and to get control back you have to quit Kazoo and restart it. This is because Windows is putting the network connection into sleep mode without telling Kazoo and causing poor communication.
  • One way to stop this is to go into Device Manager (right click the Windows icon),
  • Click on the “Network Adaptors”,
  • then the “Power Management” tab and DISABLE the “Allow computer to turn off this device to save power”

Kazoo on MAC OSX keeps crashing

This maybe a setting conflict or another App within the MAC causing this to crash, First clear the setting within the MAC:

1. On MAC go into FINDER
2. Go > Go to Folder > ~/Library/Containers/uk.co.linn.KazooMac/Data/Library/Application Support/Linn Products Ltd
3. Delete the Kazoo folder.
4. Now try and run Kazoo

Is this doesn't work then comtact the Linn Customer Support and so the following actions to get information to help debug the issues

1. On MAC go into FINDER
2. Go > Go to Folder > ~/Library/Containers/uk.co.linn.KazooMac/Data/Library/Application Support/Linn Products Ltd/Kazoo
3. Get copies, if they exist, of the files below and forward them to the Customer Helpline
4. Forward these file to Linn Customer Support

Linn Customer Support

If you are still having issues trying to find your Linn DS/DSM using Kazoo then you can request Linn Customer Helpline assistance. (Please make sure that you try using the Kazoo app to find and control the Linn DS/DSM first, this action will send a usage log to help us trace what has gone wrong before we contact you.)

  1. Go into Kazoo Settings
  2. Select "Report to Linn" button
  3. Select "Report a problem"
  4. Give a summary of what is not working together with your name and contact details
  5. Finally, press "Report to Linn"

You will then be given a "ticket" number for your issue. If you do not get a ticket number please do NOT repeat this action. There is a good probability that your ticket has been received but somewhere along the process Kazoo has not received the ticket number.