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QOBUZ not streaming Hi-Res quality

The quality of the Music streamed is governed by Qobuz depending on the Account that you have with Qobuz.
Hi-Res music Qobuz will only work if you have a SUBLIME HIFI or STUDIO account
CD quality music if you only have HIFI account or HIFI Classic account
MP3 quality music if you only have Basic account or Premium account this will stream at MP3 quality.

QOBUZ show me tracks but I cannot play them, the PLAY/SKIP button is greyed out

QOBUZ media is licensed. This means that some the Music you have selected in not available for streaming to your country.
You may have purchased the Music and downloaded this Music from Qobuz but this is not licensed for streaming.

Qobuz tracks will only play for 30seconds

Your Qobuz subscription is a FREE subscription. These tracks will only play for 30secs before moving on to the next track.

I have some Qobuz tracks in my Playlist but the Linn DS will not play them

We suspect you have a FREE Qobuz subscription. Te track links for these free tracks have a limited life and will have expired. The solution is to check that you have a paid Qobuz subscription.

Music dropping out playing Qobuz music

It may also be due to your Network Router connecting you to a distant Qobuz server. Check that the Router DNS settings are set for Google public DNS