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Control 4 Debug

Initial checks

  • Check Kazoo server is the latest, preferably V4.10.4 or later.
  • V4.9.35 will work but may be slower and also cause issues with Kustom DSM volume and Mute states. Plus restricts any debug logs that may be required for diagnosis.
  • Make sure that Kazoo Server is running permanently and GATEWAY option is enabled.
    (We have had retailers thinking that this was only for initial setup.)
  • Is the Control 4 - "Linn Network" driver using the correct Kazoo Server?
Composer Pro-Linn Network Gateway.png
  • Is the connnection "Operational"?
  • Gateway is the Kazoo Server - Gateway that Control4 has found during a scan
  • Static Address if you have assigned an IP address to a Kazoo Server running gateway. E.g. a QNAP NAS. (When left blank it will automatically do a scan and pick a Kazoo Server with Gateway enabled)

  • Check the version of Control4 driver that is used.
  • Control4 are still in the process of validating the V145 driver. Control4 are only offering the V129 on their programme editing app, Composer-Pro.

  • Check the Davaar firmware version of the Linn DS/DSM
  • Has the Linn DS/DSM recently had a software update?
This may sometimes cause confusion within the Control4. Go to Kazoo Server and disable GATEWAY, press a button to control the Linn DS, the re-enable Kazoo Server - Gateway and give this a couple of minutes to resync.


Tidal/Qobuz: “Server error Please browse again from root”

Two options:


1. The Linn DS/DSM is not powered on or connected to the network


2.The Kazoo Server - Gateway has not been setup with the login and password for Tidal or Qobuz. This may work with some Linn DS/DSM as they have been playing music selected from Tidal/Qobuz using Kazoo and this will hold the username and password information within the Linn DS/DSM
  • Using Konfig > Kazoo Server setup > Gateway. Add Tidal/Qobuz login or
  • Use Kazoo and play Tidal/Qobuz track. Then go to Control4 select another room and then go back to the original room and reselect Tidal/Qobuz.

When I try and upgrade from an earlier version Linn driver I get red invalid connection on Composer Pro
Due to major changes between Driver V129 and V145 plus Control 4 OS3 changes these drivers are totally different.
Removing the V129 and adding the V145 driver does not always work we recommend creating a new Control4 Project for Linn DS driver V145.

I keep loosing control of the Linn DS from Control4
Is the Linn DS/DSM visible and can you control it in Kazoo?
Check that the Kazoo Server > Gateway is operating:
1. Go into Control4 Composer-Pro editor software
2. Find the "Linn Network" driver within the project and select "System Design"
3. Check the "Gateway" address and that its status is operational.
4. Click on "Actions" tab,
a. Click on "List Rooms found" and click "Lua" tab
b. Lua Output will shown rooms found, check all rooms are in this list.
5. Now find the Room with the Project
a. click on the "Linn DS Series" driver and check the Properties "Status" and "DS or Player (SDDP) shows connected and correct Linn DS listed.
6. Click Tools > System manager
a. Click on SDDP trace and check the Host-name for the Linn DS Ugly name, (Mac address + Serial number + id)

If all of these are visible the next step is with the Kazoo Server Gateway V4.10.XX or later
1. Go into Kazoo Server settings and ENABLE "Verbose Logging"
2. Go into web-browser and type Kazoo Server IP address followed by :4000/dm/logs
e.g. for Kazoo server on IP, type →
Click on [SHOW] this will show the Gateway logs down to Network Logs:.
If you do any actions this page will need to be REFRESHED (f5) and [SHOW] reselected
3. To get the full logs for each days activity
Windows 10: File Explorer → C:\ProgramData\KazooServer\Logs\Application
OSX: Go to Folder → /Users/Shared/KazooServer/Logs/Application
QNAP: File Station → Home > .config > Linn > Kazoo Server > Logs > Application
for QNAP: File Station - Settings and enable: "Show hidden folders on NAS" to see the .config folder
4. To get the Control 4 log files (for debug and bug reports)
a. Go to Composer-Pro > System Design > Linn Network
b. Set "Debug level" to 5
c. Set "Debug Mode" to "Print & Log"
d. Click on "Lua" tab. This is a high traffic output and may cause the Composer-pro to freeze. (ALL logs can be retrieved from the C:\Users\XXXX\AppData\Roaming\Control4\Logs folder, check the date/tiem stamp for the last version)