Majik sub chassis

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Standard LP12 sub-chassis.png

Product Information

  • Product Name: Standard/Majik sub-chassis
  • Date of Introduction: Aug 2013
  • Type: Turntable sub-chassis


Aluminium sub-chassis with mounting for laminate armboard

Providing a solid and rigid platform for the LP12, the multi-layer box construction of 1.5mm thick aluminium provides strength and rigidity and when teamed up with the LP12’s five-layer laminated armboard, creates a firm and acoustically damp platform for your tonearm.

The Majik Sub-chassis is fitted as standard to the Sondek LP12 / Majik LP12 turntable. Also available separately as an upgrade, this offering increased performance for any earlier deck that features the older 'standard' sub-chassis design.


This sub-chassis will need to be installed and configured by your Linn retailer.

For further assistance, try our customer support pages