Majik-I Display Configuration

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OPTION Settings Description Default Setting
Display Brightness

Auto or Percentage

(2% to 100%)

If set to ‘Auto’, the display brightness will change with the surrounding lighting conditions (dimmer surroundings => dimmer display / brighter surroundings => brighter display).

To select ‘Auto’, scroll up or down the percentage settings and the ‘Auto’ option will appear in place of 0%.

With ‘Percentage’, you can select a setting between 2% and 100%. The display brightness will (while out of standby) remain set to the specified brightness setting.


Display Content Source and Volume

Volume Source Last Used

If set to ‘Source and Volume’, both the currently selected source and the current volume setting will be displayed on the front panel.

If set to ‘Volume’, only the current volume setting will be displayed.

If set to ‘Source’, only the current source setting will be displayed.

If set to ‘Last Used’, the last setting (source or volume) to be adjusted will remain on the display.

Note:The above settings are applicable only when the unit is out of standby, is not in display-sleep mode and is not being adjusted.

Source and Volume
Display Timeout 1 - 10 seconds Determines how long, after an adjustment is made, before the display reverts to its ‘Display Content’ setting as detailed above. 2 seconds
Sleep Display Delay Delay in Minutes and Seconds

(0 seconds - 5 minutes)

The time setting determines how long after the last command has been received that the display goes to sleep (where only 3 dots are visible on the display).

If set to ‘Off’, the display will not go to sleep