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Networking applications can run into difficulty when executed on a computer that has multiple network adaptors intalled. This is because the application will generally bind to all available network adaptors. This means the application may attempt to access the network via any of the available adaptors. Since not all adaptors necessarily have access to the specific network that the application is trying to connect to, it can give unpredictable results. The worst case scenario is that the application fails to connect to the network.

Control Point Issues

A control point application such as LinnGui, or even LinnConfig, can fail to discover devices such as DS and/or the NAS as a result of multiple network adaptors being present. A very good example of this is when a laptop is being used which has a built in wireless adaptor in addition to a wired ethernet connection. If the laptop is wired to the network, using a cable, and the wireless adaptor is also enabled on the laptop, then LinnGui may attempt to use either connection to access the network. LinnGui could intermittently fail to connect to the network if wireless access to the network is unavailable.

Media Server Issues

A media server application can experience problems when running on a PC/laptop that has multiple network adaptors intalled.