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Logitech SqueezeCenter as Media Server and DS Controller

It is possible to use Logitech's SqueezeCenter as a combined media server and DS controller by hooking into its locally streamed output.

This is the software package which is used to control Slim Devices Squeezebox and Transporter devices, and is freely available from Logitech's download site, as well as coming pre-installed on many NAS devices.

Using SqueezeCenter as a media server and controller gives the user ALL the functionality, features and controls available from a relatively mature product. However the downside to this is that all audio is transcoded to MP3 before being streamed to the DS, with consequential loss of audio quality.


  • Supports MP3, AAC, WMA, FLAC, ALAC, Ogg Vorbis, WAV and more
  • Internet radio support for Shoutcast, RadioIO, Tunein Radio (previously RadioTime), Live365, Sirius and more
  • Music service integration (Rhapsody, Pandora, LastFM etc.)
  • Integration with ITunes
  • Large collection of available plugins adding extra features
  • Control from web browser (platform independant)
  • Variety of control skins (including one optimised for Nokia N800 platform)
  • IPhone control using iPeng


  • All audio transcoded to MP3
  • SqueezeCenter cannot see DS without connection being made from DS
  • No preamp control possible from SqueezeCenter interface


The SqueezeCenter interface is ideal for scenarios where the audio quality is less critical, such as internet radio and online music services where the audio is already lossy. It is also useful for integration with ITunes, MusicIP etc, but where absolute audio quality matters it is no use.

Installation and Configuration

Installation and configuration of SqueezeCenter is not covered here - there is plenty of information over on the Logitech site - in particlar the wiki and forums.

  • Note that SqueezeCenter requires the lame mp3 encoder installed for the streaming to the DS to operate.
    • Windows package available here
    • NAS installs of SqueezeCenter may contain necessary lame.

Adding SqueezeCenter Playlist

In order for DS to select SqueezeCenter as audio source, and entry needs to be added to the existing UPnP media server to point to it. This can be done by copying the playlist file below, updating the address to map to the machine running SqueezeCenter, and saving the file inside the media tree served by the UPnP media server


Configuring SqueezeCenter

Before SqueezeCenter can be configured, it needs to detect the DS. Hence using LinnGui or any other UPnP controller to select the SqueezeCenter playlist created earlier, and start it playing.

Once this is playing (there will be no audio), the SqueezeCenter web interface should then detect the player as Winamp from <IP>:9000 or possibly Web Device.

In SqueezeCenter browser go to Settings->Players, select the DS device from the drop down, and change Basic Settings to Audio. The MP3 quality can then be set up. Suggest using 320K, with as high a setting as will work correctly on your hardware. For NAS devices and other low power processors, this will need to be set to a high value (low quality) or the processor will be overloaded, causing audio dropout. For more powerful servers a lower value (higher quality) value should be selected.

Using with DS player

To use SqueezeCenter as server/controller

  • Firstly select the SqueezeCenter playlist for the DS as described above
  • Then using your preferred SqueezeCenter interface, select the DS player (which will likely be called Winamp)
  • The SqueezeCenter interface can then be used to stream music to the DS, exactly as if it were connected to a Squeezebox.

NOTE there can be few seconds delay between requesting operations, and the audio changing due to buffering of the stream within the DS