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Linn Products Event Control terminal

This software will allow you to control the Linn DS, Linn DS with proxy preamplifier and Linn DSM using a TELNET port. This will allow you to send UPnP format commands to the Linn DS.

Full documentation on LPEC can be found Here


Full LPEC install package LPEC Terminal V7-Install zip Download

This software will run in Windows with Dot-Net 4.0

Note: there can only be FOUR simultanuous TELNET sessions open on the Linn DS/DSM at anytime. An new sessions will open the Linn DS/DSM terminal but ignore any commands sent to it until one of the four active session has been closed

Instructions for basic use

To start the LPEC communications you will need to get the Linn DS/DSM IP address. This can be acquired from the Linn DS front panel, (using the # key), the File > Find in the LPEC Terminal software or run Konfig and get the IP address from the About Page.

Enter the IP address in the entry box on the top-left of the LPEC terminal and "Connect" button. This will then open up the LPEC link to the Linn DS and report what services are ALIVE

* The button operation should be self explanitory and allow you to control the Linn DS/DSM/
* Press the DS Serial, Firmware, Room or Device text in the left hand section to retrieve this information from the Linn DS

Subscribe, Action0, Action1 buttons

Subscribe / unsubscribe

Select the device from the dropdown box, Ds for Linn DS/DSM, Preamp for Proxy preamplifiers.

Select the Service you wish to subscribe to, the dropdown box only contains examples of Services available.


This dropdown boxes are only examples of what can be selected. It is not automated so the devices and services must correct for the action you wish to take.


This is to allow you to type the full command to send on LPEC


* XML - Format the text in to XML format
* Timestamp - if more than 5seconds from last command/response then the time of the received reponse is posted
* Logile - This will create a continuous text dump of the received response. This is both plain text and XML format. The file location can be found selecting 'Help' > 'Debug log Dir' 
        File name structure 
                DS-<DS Serial> <date>.txt
                DSXML-<DS Serial> <date>.txt

Exakt Info

This tab is used to read the setting held within the Exakt DSM/Exaktbox & Exakt speaker

# Connect to the Linn DS/DSM as previously stated
# Go to the "Exakt Info" tab
# select "Subscribe Exakt" this will enquire the system and populate the Exakt product-id's beside the Get Settings window and add extra tabs to the Terminal window.
# Beside each 'Get Setting' has the Exakt device product-id. Press the respective button to get that devices settings.

Terminal tabs

* Terminal - This is the raw data sent and received from the Linn DS/DSM
* Exakt Room - the extracted dimensions of room and position from that Exakt device
* Exakt Module info - Basic parameters that the Exakt device is set for
* Exakt Optimisation - Shows the calculated Room modes and the adjusted Room mode value (Note: if Logfile is enabled this infomation is appended into a file named  Exakt DSM  <date>.txt)
* Exakt-Link - to show the errors that may have occured since the last enquiry. This test can be automated (as long as no other actions are performed by the LPEC terminal), by pressing the "Read every 60s" button

[wiki:Crestron SIMPLMODULE]