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KNEKT MultiRoom

What is Knekt

Knekt is the first Linn Products Multiroom. Originally designed to share the same music in a couple of rooms this was quickly expanded by the Design team for added control. Audio and control is designed shared to each room by a single CAT-5 cable, this was before Ethernet decided to use it and change the standard plug wiring arrangement!.

Knekt Driver system

The original Knekt system allows a Linn Pre-amplfier, with Knekt capabilities called the Main room.
This Main rooms shares the music the music it is playing, or with some Linn PreAmplifiers, Music from one other input, to other rooms with Linn Pre-amplfiers, with Knekt capabilities called Local Rooms.
Each local room had the option of listening, and controlling the Main room source selection and source control. Or listen to music in its own local rooms, such as TV, iPod etc.

The original Knekt system could support one Main room sharing to up to four local rooms. With some minor modifications this could be expanded to eight local rooms,
Control of what you want to listen to etc was performed using the KNEKT RCU, Room Control Unit. This was the size of a UK lightt switch, (although slightly deeper).The Knekt RCU could be programmed by your Retailer to match your system design and personalise your control.

Knekt Intersekt system

In 1995 the Knekt Intersekt was launched.
This is a switch matrix replaced the Knekt Driver system and now will share upto 16 audio sources to upto 128rooms.
The Intersekt now also allow control via external control devices such as AMX and Crestron.

How was Knekt implemented?

The Knekt system is star-wired, one CAT-5 from the Main system to each Local room.
Each CAT-5 has 4pairs of cables:
pair1: Left hand channel wired as Balanced audio Hot & Cold
pair2: Right hand channel wired as Balanced audio Hot & Cold
pair3: Remote control OUT via a current loop system
pair4: Remote control response/reply via a current loop system

  • The Balanced analogue audio arrangement removed the ground noise issue and well as any Radio pickup on the CAT-5 cable.
  • The current loop communications vastly reduces any electrical noise generated by remote control allowing the balanced audio and control to share the same cable.
  • Programming the Knekt RCU could be performed using this same CAT-5 without the necessity of plugging the RCU directly in to the PC.
Knekt wiring.jpg

Knekt User Manuals

click >HERE< for Knekt User manuals

Upgrade from Knekt to Linn DS

The Linn Knekt system is a multiroom system that allows you to share source placed in one main room and share this to a multitude of other rooms. Each local room can also have its own local sources for its own use only. This allows you to share music, and control, from up to 16off Main room, Intersekt, sources to up to 128off local rooms. And also leave the option for you to listen to your own local music.

These local Knekt Rooms each have their own CAT-5 cable running from the Main room system to their own local room. This single CAT-5 allows the transport of analogue audio to your local room. Plus 2-way remote control, allowing you see control, and see what Radio station you had selected and what track you are on from Linn Radio and Linn CD players.

The Linn DS system has expanded this further by allowing any Music from your own local room to be shared to any selected ot all other rooms with a Linn DS/DSM/HUB. This again using a CAT-5 cable, but this time using ethernet transport of the cable and control of your Linn DS/DSM/HUB. This same ethernet cable can also be used to connect to other network devices and share ethernet/internet access.

Change over from Knekt to Linn DS All you need to do is:

  • Knekt CAT-5 reterminated to Ethernet pins outs
The Knekt system uses CAT-5 cable, with different pin-outs to Ethernet. This will require minimal structural re-wiring to change from Knekt CAT-5 to Ethernet CAT-5. This is only a plug and socket re-termination.
  • Replace the Linn Intersekt or Knekt LIne Dirver with network switch to share the Ethernet connections.
The sources that the Intersekt used to share can now be placed in the commonly used rooms. But with the Linn DS/DSM/HUB having its own streaming services the local Radio, CD player etc no longer need to be used. But can be still connected to the commonly used room for listening and shared accordingly.
  • in local room the Knekt Line Receivers and Knekt products be replaced by Linn DS/DSM/HUB products.
  • Remove the Knekt-RCU.
Control of the rooms are now performed by control sofware running on iPhone/iPad/Android/Windows and MAC devices
The only location area that is unused is the Knekt-RCU area, but that can be replaced by an Android or iPad docking station. Some of the docking station allow power of the existing CAT-5 cable.