Klimax DSM-3: Bluetooth and Wifi

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Quick setup can be done using the Pin buttons or the Klimax dial

Klimax DSM 2021 BLUETOOTH PINS.png

Setting up Bluetooth using the Pin buttons

1. Select the Bluetooth menu on your device for pairing
2. Press and hold Pins 3 & 4 on the Klimax DSM until "Bluetooth: Pairing..." appears on the front panel display
3. Select the Klimax DSM from the list of available Bluetooth devices on your device for pairing

Klimax DSM 2021 WIFI PINS.png

Setting up Wifi using the Pin buttons

1. Remove/disconnect any cable LAN connections from the Klimax DSM
2. Press the WPS button on your internet router
3. Press and hold Pins 2 & 5 on the Klimax DSM until "WPS: Connecting..." appears on the front panel display
4. The Klimax DSM should now automatically connect to the Wifi network
  • Press and hold Pins 1, 2 & 5 to forget the Wifi network

KlimaxDSM-3 Dial.jpg

Setting up Bluetooth or Wifi using the Klimax dial

1. With the Klimax DSM out of Sleep mode. (If Wifi setup disconnect any cable LAN connections)
2. Press dial UP to enter Service menu
3. Scroll UP/DOWN to highlight "Connect"
4. Press RIGHT to select this menu
5. Scroll UP/DOWN to highlight the desired option and RIGHT to select
Wifi (WPS): put your router into WPS discovery mode for auto pairing of the Klimax DSM
WIfi (Reset): to clear any previous Wifi settings
Bluetooth Pair: configure you Bluetooth device for pairing before selecting
Press LEFT to cancel Service menu

Alternative Wifi Setup Method via Web Browser

1. With the Klimax DSM out of Sleep mode and cable LAN connections removed from Klimax DSM
2. Go to the Wireless settings on your device (e.g. iPad)
3. Find the Klimax DSM on the list of available networks. It will be called Klimax DSM - <serial number>
4. Select this Linn DSM as the wireless network
5. Now open a web browser on your device and type "https://setup.linn.co.uk" in the address bar
6. The Klimax DSM Wifi Setup page should now be displayed
7. Select the Wifi network you want to connect to
8. Enter the passkey for the Wifi network
9. Click on 'Set Network'