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Using a Linn DS, Kontrol and DSM product in the same room

If we take a Klimax DS, Kliamx Kontrol and Klimax DSM.

  1. Wire the Kliamx DS and Klimax Kontrol as pre the system

  2. Take the Pre-Out of the Klimax DSM and wire into an input of the Klimax Kontrol

Using Konfig:

  1. Define all three products to have the same room name
  2. On the Klimax Kontrol Sources, go to the input that the Klimax DSM is connected to and change the Name using the dropdown box to select the product name of the Klimax DSM.

  3. Go into the Klimax DSM setup
  4. Set Handset Commands Accepted to None
  5. Set Startup Volume Enabled to Yes
  6. Set Startup Volume (db) to 80

To save having two sets of "Playlist", "Radio", "UPnPAV" and "Songcast" inputs we recommend that you set these sources to have Visible to No

This configuration will now allow you to have selection of the Kliamx Kontrol AND Klimax DSM source in the same room.
The Kinsky will ONLY control the Klimax Kontrol volume, this is the reason in having the Klimax DSM volume at 80 (Unity gain)
IR functionality is limited to Klimax Kontrol volume and source selection and fill Klimax DS control.