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Supports 2.4G (b/g) & 5G (n) Standards

Configure Series3-301 for Wifi

This is to setup the Wifi connection using the front panel buttons.
      Wifi-Scan-125px.gif WPS WIFI Setup procedure:
1. On your ISP Router, press the WPS button to start the connection process.
     * Check your Router manual on how start WPS pairing.
2. On the Series3-301 , press and HOLD buttons PIN-2.png & PIN-5.png until the volume indicators start moving to show a scan.
(More detail of the buttons and location can be found HERE
3. This process is complete when the Series3-301 volume indicators are all illuminated for a few seconds and return back to volume level display.
      Alternative Wifi Setup Method via Web Browser:
1. With the Series3-301 DSM out of Sleep mode
2. Go to the Wireless settings on your device (e.g. iPad)
3. Find the Series-301 on the list of available networks. It will be called Series3- <serial number>
4. Select this as the wireless network
5. Now open a web browser on your device and type "" in the address bar
6. The Series3 Wifi Setup page should now be displayed
7. Select the Wifi network you want to connect to
8. Enter the passkey for the Wifi network
9. Click on 'Set Network'

Note: To CLEAR/REMOVE any Wifi settings On the Series3-301 , press and HOLD buttons PIN-1.png, PIN-2.png & PIN-5.png for 2 seconds and this will forget your Wifi settings.