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Supports 2.4G (b/g) & 5G (n) Standards

Configure Series3-301 for Wifi

This is to setup the Wifi connection using the front panel buttons.
      Wifi-Scan-125px.gif WPS WIFI Setup procedure:
1. On your ISP Router, press the WPS button to start the connection process.
     * Check your Router manual on how start WPS pairing.
2. On the Series3-301 , press and HOLD buttons PIN-2.png & PIN-5.png until the volume indicators start moving to show a scan.
(More detail of the buttons and location can be found HERE
3. This process is complete when the Series3-301 volume indicators are all illuminated for a few seconds and return back to volume level display.

The On-line setup guide can be found In the Alternative Wifi Setup this will show you how to setup Wifi from your Web-Browser

Note: To CLEAR/REMOVE any Wifi settings On the Series3-301 , press and HOLD buttons PIN-1.png, PIN-2.png & PIN-5.png for 2 seconds and this will forget your Wifi settings.