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You will find that most of the issues with Linn DS operation is down to the Ethernet network. As the Linn DS needs a media stream to work, anything that can impede or interrupt the Ethernet communication can cause some problems.

First time your Linn DS system has stopped working

In this is the first time your system has stopped working and this only happens occasionally, the system products may have got confused. The simple solution is to switch everything off, the switch everything back in a sequence.

  1. Remove power from ALL devices connected to the ethernet. (that is switch everything off, NOT STANDBY)
  2. Power on the Router/DHCP server
  3. Power on any network switches
  4. Power on the NAS (if used) and other ethernet devices
  5. Power on the Linn DS
  6. Power on your control devices, (PC, iPad, Pronto etc)

This will get the Linn DS system working again in most cases.


You cannot see your Linn DS on your control device (PC, iPad etc)

Simple tests

If you cannot see your Linn DS using your control device, you will need to find out if this;

  • A control device issue (your Linn DS may working OK, but may be your iPad, PC, MAC etc that may be cause of the issues).
  • An Ethernet issue, (The Linn DS may not be connected to the Ethernet Network). <br<
  • A Linn DS issue. (Fault with the Linn DS setup configuration or internal fault with Linn DS).

The easiest way to identify the cause is shown below, (assuming you have a remote control and internet broadband connected to the Linn DS).


Check the Linn DS operation

This is to test that the Linn DS can operate freely, (any control issues may be with the PC/iPad/ etc)

  1. On the remote control, press the PLAY button. If the Linn DS starts playing music this Linn DS is OK and you can ignore the remaining tests in this section.
  2. Use the remote control to select the Linn DS Radio source
  3. Continue with the Remote control and select a Radio station
  • You may have to try a couple of different Radio stations, but wait approx 10seconds before you change station if you get no audio/music.
  1. Adjust the volume of the Linn DS to a comfortable listening level.

Note: This may take a few seconds to sync with the internet Radio stream.

When the linn DS/ is playing Music, then use of remote control and the fact that the Radio is playing confirmes that the Linn DS is working and the Ethernet is good. This would signify that it is your control device that is causing the issue..

If there is NO audio/music, this may be an issue with the Linn DS and/or network it is connected to. Check Ethernet stability below

Check Ethernet stability

If the Linn DS is not connected to the system or being granted access to your ethernet system, it will have no operation (although the Sekrit DSI & Majik DSI can be controlled by IR handset, but not play any Internet Radio get an music from the ethernet network).

Network cable check
  1. Power off the Linn DS
  2. Go to the backpanel of the Linn DS
  • monitor the Ethernet socket lights and power on the Linn DS
  • watch the Ethernet socket lights for approx 30 seconds,
Network DHCP server check
  1. Power off the Linn DS again
  2. Now check the Linn DS front display and power on the Linn DS
  3. Linn DS ;
  • On the Sneaky-DS
  • Check the front panel Linn symbol power indicator light/LED
  • This should flash for between 5-30seconds, then come on permanently.
  • On the Sekrit-DSI
  • Check the front panel STBY light/LED
  • This should flash for between 5-30seconds, then extinquish and DHCP light should illuminate
  • On the remaining Linn DS products
  • Check the front panel display for a dot in the centre of the display
  • This should flash for between 5-30seconds, then be replaced by either the Standby display or source name

If on any of these Linn DS products, this light/dot keeps on flashing it is waiting to be given a network address from your Router/DHCP server.
The Linn DS knows that the network is alive, (as with the previous test), so it is asking for an address so that it can enter your network, but it is not being provided with one. The DS will continuously ask, (flashing dot), until this happens. Suspect that your DHCP server/Router is not switched on or it has run out of addresses to give to network devices.


The Linn DS product only has a 100M Base-t ethernet socket.
If you plug in a network connection that only supports 1G Base-T, (some Orange Routers), then this will not allow connection to the Linn DS.
Solution: The soution is to add a Multi-Speed Network switch between the Linn DS and DHCP Server/Router that supports 100/1000 Base-T data transfer speeds.

In early releases of Linn DS firmware (up to Davaar 37):
If the Linn DS does not have a live network connection, (none of the Ethernet socket lights flash), the front panel flashing light/dot will stop flashing after between 5-30seconds and find out that no ethernet exists and stop requesting a network address.
The Linn DS will show a cross on its display to show that it has no address. This is allows the Linn DS products to select source and perform volume controls via their front panel/IR handset, but nothing else]
If this always happens after a power outage/power glitch, you probably have your Linn DS plugged directly into a DHCP Server/Router. After a power glitch, the DHCP server/Router can take 1-2mins to boot up and not have any network connection so will not work until the DHCP Server/Router is live..
Solution: The soution is to add a Network switch between the Linn DS and DHCP Server/Router. The switch will have a fast startup/recovery time and show a live network connection after a few seconds, this will then keep the Linn DS continuously requesting a DHCP address and subsequently wait for the DHCP Server/Router to come alive.