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Simple tests

If you cannot see your Linn DS/DSI using your control device, you will need to find out if this;

  • A control device issue (your Linn DS/DSI may working OK, but may be your iPad, PC, MAC etc that may be cause of the issues).
  • An Ethernet issue, (The Linn DS/DSI may not be connected to the Ethernet Network). <br<
  • A Linn DS issue. (Fault with the Linn DS/DSI setup configuration or internal fault with Linn DS/DSI).

The easiest way to identify the cause is shown below, (assuming you have a remote control and internet broadband connected to the Linn DS/DSI).


Check the Linn DS/DSI operation

This is to test that the Linn DS/DSI can operate freely, (any control issues may be with the PC/iPad/ etc)

  1. On the remote control, press the PLAY button. If the Linn DS/DSI starts playing music this Linn DS/DSI is OK and you can ignore the remaining tests in this section.
  2. Use the remote control to select the Linn DS/DSI Radio source
  3. Continue with the Remote control and select a Radio station
  • You may have to try a couple of different Radio stations, but wait approx 10seconds before you change station if you get no audio/music.
  1. Adjust the volume of the Linn DS/DSI to a comfortable listening level.

Note: This may take a few seconds to sync with the internet Radio stream.

When the linn DS/DSI is playing Music, then use of remote control and the fact that the Radio is playing confirmes that the Linn DS/DSI is working and the Ethernet is good. This would signify that it is your control device that is causing the issue..

If there is NO audio/music, this may be an issue with the Linn DS/DSI and/or network it is connected to. Check Ethernet stability

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