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What is Knekt?
Knekt is Linn’s proprietary multi-room audio distribution system. It is an individually tailored, modular system which can be used to distribute audio from a possible 16 sources to up to 128 rooms or zones. Knekt comprises a number of discreetly designed products which blend into the fabric of your home and merge with your existing audio products. Control and feedback of sources is managed through wall-mounted Remote Control Units (RCUs) or a handheld remote control. 

How does a Knekt system distribute a signal?
To maximise audio quality, Knekt uses balanced audio over Cat5 network cable distributed to local amplification. This model of long balanced audio cables and short speaker cables is inherent to the design of a Knekt system and is the best way of avoiding the numerous sources of interference present in a home environment.

Can I use standard Cat5 cable in my Knekt system?
Cat5 cable in a Knekt system uses a specific wiring configuration and as such we recommend that you contact a Linn Custom Installer who will be able to advise you further.

Can I install and program a Knekt system myself?
Knekt is easy to use but is very complex to design, configure and install, requiring specialist tools and training. To get the full benefit of a Linn system, it is important that every aspect of its installation is managed correctly and as such we require that it be handled only by a trained and authorised Custom Installer.