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Which products have a digital video connection?
At present, the Unidisk 1.1 and Unidisk 2.1 both include DVI connections while the Unidisk SC incorporates HDMI. All of these are HDCP compliant. 

What is better, RGB or component video?
RGB and YPrPb (often referred to as component) are comparable standards of video transmission. There are many factors which affect the quality of a video signal apart from the transmission standard, and it is best when presented with a choice to experiment with the different options. It is also inadvisable to convert one type of signal to another except where this is unavoidable, as conversion can weaken a signal and introduce errors into video information.

Why do I get a black and white picture from my Linn DVD player?
After checking that your physical connections are secure, please check that any video output settings are correct, for example, if you are using an S-Video connection, make sure that your source and display device are configured correctly for this video type. Also ensure that the colour standard used is correct, e.g. NTSC or PAL. If this does not resolve the problem, please consult your retailer.

How can I listen to MP3s on my Linn DVD player?
The majority of our DVD players will play MP3s and some other types of compressed audio files from data discs. These can be played in a similar fashion to CDs or by selecting the Smart Nav feature they can be browsed via an on-screen menu. Given the nature of home produced data discs and compressed file formats, we cannot guarantee that these discs will play without issue and the quality of sound will generally be lower than CD quality.

If your MP3s are stored on a player, in most cases, you should be able to connect it directly to the pre-amplifier stage of your system. To do this, connect the output of the device to one of the auxiliary inputs of your system using the appropriate cables (your retailer can advise more specifically). Please ensure that both products are set to minimum volume when connecting them for the first time to avoid damaging your power amplifier. Gradually increase the volume of the devices until a satisfactory volume level is obtained. Please remember to power your system off during installation of any cabling.