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What is HDCD?
Many Linn CD players are equipped with HDCD technology. HDCD (High Definition Compatible Digital) is a patented process that enables a CD to deliver the full richness and details of the original music source. HDCD-encoded CDs sound better because they are encoded with 20 bits of real musical information, as compared with 16 bits for all other CDs. The HDCD decoder chip also includes a HDCD precision filter which improves the sound quality of any CD played in the machine. HDCD CDs can be identified by the presence of the HDCD logo on the back of the album cover. HDCD CDs are available at most music stores and on Internet music sites (see www.linnrecords.com). 

Can my CD player be upgraded to play SACDs?
Despite a superficial similarity between the discs and playback mechanism SACD is very different to CD. Upgrading a CD player in this manner would require almost all the hardware of the player to be replaced. The cost of this would make it an economically unviable option (i.e. it would be cheaper to buy a new player than upgrade).

What disc formats does the Unidisk support?
All Unidisks incorporate Linn’s Silver Disk Engine™ technology and will play a comprehensive number of recognised commercial disc formats, these include: CD, SACD, DVD-Audio, DVD-Video, VCD and SVCD, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW. In addition, the Unidisk will play most copy-protected audio discs and data discs containing MP3, JPEG and MPEG files.

Does Linn produce an HD-DVD or Blu-ray player?
We do not currently produce a player that supports HD-DVD or Blu-ray and we have no plans at present to incorporate this feature into our players as these are still new and emerging technologies; however, we are always looking into ways of improving and expanding our product range. The first place we announce new products is on our website or through our network of specialist retailers.

Does my Linn CD player support CD-Rs or CD-RWs?
All Linn CD players can play any type of recordable or re-writable CD. In some cases you may find that you experience some playability problems with CD-Rs or CD-RWs as it is more likely for these types of disc to deviate from the Red Book audio CD standard.

What types of recordable or re-writable DVDs does my Linn DVD player support?
The Unidisk range of multi-format players should play all types of recordable or re-writable DVD.

How does copyright protection affect my CD player?
Some disc manufacturers now incorporate some kind of copyright protection on their CDs. Whilst we have taken every effort to ensure universal compatibility with all approved disc types, it is impossible to guarantee full operation of every function of the product with every disc that is on sale now or in the future. We have tested many of the disc types that are currently available but many discs that are on sale at this time do not conform to the published and accepted formal specifications. For this reason, we are unable to accept any responsibility for the player being unable to playback any particular disc. If you have discs that do not play on the product, which are subsequently found to play on other brands of player, this does not imply that the product is in any way at fault. There are many websites that display details of discs that have known playback problems and we suggest that you consult with this published data before you make any judgements regarding the product’s playback abilities. We welcome the receipt of all suspect discs as this may assist us in ensuring that the product continues to develop but cannot accept discs from end users on the basis that we have made any warranty about being able to learn how to play them.

Does my player support the DualDisc format?
Linn do not support the DualDisc format. DualDisc is a disc format with DVD content on one side and CD on the other (see www.dualdisc.com for details). The DVD side comprises DVD-Video and/or DVD-Audio content. The CD side is designed to play on CD players but is not in fact a CD as it is not compliant with the Red Book audio CD standard. These discs are also thicker than standard CDs or DVDs.
As these discs are not compliant with current industry standard, Linn cannot guarantee that they will play on our range of disc players and audio servers. Nor can we guarantee that the thickness of DualDiscs will not cause problems for these Linn products – possibly damage to the product and/or the disc – if played. Any damage resulting from the playing of DualDiscs will not be covered by the Linn warranty, so using these discs with a Linn disc player or audio server is entirely at the user’s risk.

Is my Linn DVD player multi-region?
All Linn disc players capable of DVD video playback are shipped from the factory pre-configured for disc-types sold in the destination country. This will allow the majority of discs purchased locally to be played immediately.

The Ikemi had a metal drawer. Why does Majik CD not?
The designers concentrated on areas that would benefit the audio performance of this product the most. The Majik CD offers an incredibly high level of performance in an affordable package, making it outstanding value.

Does the Majik CD have balanced outputs?
We have looked at the applications for these products. Balanced outputs are an advantage over long cable runs and would of course require balanced inputs on the pre-amp. However, these products will largely be situated close together and higher performance is achieved using unbalanced connections. Connection between rooms can be achieved through a Knekt system.

Which discs will Majik CD read?
The product’s most common use will be to optimise playback of standard CDs, although it is equally adept at handling HDCDs and DTS CDs. It will also recognise and play back MP3 files and allow the user to navigate an MP3 disc from the front panel. The appropriate disc format is displayed below the track information when playing a non-standard CD.