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This FAQ applies to the Linn Kivor, Linn Index, and the Linn Akurate Music Server.

What is a Linn Media Server?

The Knekt KIVOR, INDEX and AKURATE MUSIC SERVER Server are no compromise Audio Servers; capable of supplying up to sixteen, (Kivor) independent full bandwidth 16-bit/44.1kHz stereo music sources. Each of the music sources are controlled independently. In effect;

The Knekt KIVOR system can act like SIXTEEN multi-disc players, all accessing the same disc library at the SAME time.

The Knekt INDEX & AKURATE MUSIC SERVER systems can act like EIGHT multi-disc players, all accessing the same disc library at the SAME time.

Can I control the Linn Media Server by RS232 or Ethernet?

Yes, you can control these products by both RS232 AND Ethernet.

This will allow control via PC, AMX, CRESTRON to control the Kivor, Index and Akurate Music Server as well as the Knekt RCU's.

Any AMX/Crestron control module written for the Kivor/Index will control the AMS.

Can I use any NAS with the Akurate Music Server?

No, the NAS must support the NFS protocol. Most NAS devices will support this service, but you should check the specification of your NAS devices if you wish to use it with the AMS.

The NAS folder structure must be able to support upper and lower case folder names.

See the list of Recommended NASes.

What other hardware is required for these Products?

We recommend a UPS, (Uninterruptable Power Supply) for use with the Kivor, Index and Akurate Music Server.

How do I set up an Akurate Music Server and a DS player in the same system?

See DS and Akurate Music Server

Can I distribute the audio database across 2 or more NASes?

The AMS does not support this directly. However, if you have large audio database requirements, most high-end NASes have the necessary features to implement flexible, robust, expandable, and load-balanced storage.

Can I use the AMS LinnTech GUI interface on Vista?

No. The LinnTek GUI is supported on Windows XP.

LinnTek also works on Vista Service Pack 1, but this configuration is not currently supported by Linn.

The unsupported work around for getting the LINNTEK software to work on a VISTA PC; -

Parts required: Windows VISTA Service Pack 1

1. If LINNTEK GUI software has been previously installed then delete this applications and .OPT file from the VISTA PC.

2. Run the Windows VISTA Service Pack1 on the PC.

3. Restart the PC.

4. Add the LINNTEK application (KivorGUI51.exe) to a user directory, (NOT the Program files directory)

5. Create a Shortcut on the desktop,

6. Run the KivorGUI51 shortcut to setup the connection settings

7. Exit and restart the KivorGUI51 and this application will now run with the previously saved settings.

Note: Due to Vista security it is advised that the LINNTEK software application is installed in a User folder, (point 4). Otherwise, this Vista security will not allow any file permissions to run the application properly

Can I use the AMS LinnTech GUI interface on the Samsung Q1?

Yes. The AMS interface works very well on the Samsung Q1 running XP.

Can I use the same NAS for my Akurate Music Server and my Klimax DS?

Yes. See DS and Akurate Music Server

What are the connectors for?

The AMS has 2 Ethernet ports. Only connector 1, (the top one), is used.

The AMS has 2 COM ports for control (LinnTech, or other Xiva controller) and connection to "Kivor Linnk" and Intersekt.

The AMS has an additional COM port for connection to a Modem. This feature is not implemented in version 1.0 or 1.1.

What protocols does the AMS use?

For communicating with the NAS, AMS uses the NFS protocol.

For control AMS 1.1 uses XIVA 1.02.

What file formats are supported?

Version 4.10 of Rekursive supports WAV and MP3 and FLAC

In WAV/FLAC formats this is limited to 44.1K 16bit files. Any larger spec files are rejected.

Does it support a serial modem?

No. Version 1.1 of AMS does not support a modem.

A connector is provided for future versions to support a serial modem.

Does the AMS support SAMBA shares?

No. The AMS does not support SAMBA shares.

Does the AMS support FLAC?

Yes. The AMS supports play back of CD quality FLAC media. The AMS does not support playback of studio master quality FLAC files.


Why isn't CD meta-data lookup working?

CD metadata requires Ethernet and the "Automatic lookup disk info" setting checked.

It also requires the DNS IP address to be set.

If these are not correctly set the LinnTech interface will say "CD info required" in the status area, and meta-data look up will fail.