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In some larger systems it may be necessary to integrate a DS in an installation with an Akurate Music Server.

Network Infrastructure

You will need to select a NAS that supports both products,filing systems. (i.e. NFS and Twonky Media Server). (For example, QNAP TS409 Pro, or see other posibilities on the Recommended NASes page).

Installation is best approached in steps.

  1. Set up the DS player from a clean network, exactly as described in the DS installation manual
  2. Set up the Akurate Music Server (AMS) network settings
  3. Attach the AMS to the network
  4. Verify that the Linn equipment works
  5. Attach any additional network devices such as routers and broadband modems

After completing step 1, take a note of the network sub-net address. In step 2 allocate a static IP address for the AMS. This address must be unique, and on the same sub-net as that used in step 1. Your network administrator will be able to allocate a unique address from the range dedicated to static IP addresses on your network. Before connecting the AMS, tell the AMS the chosen IP addresses of your NAS and the AMS itself; the AMS manual tells you how to do this. Move on to steps 3 and 4. Refer to the respective vendor's manuals to complete step 5.


As of version 4.10-5 the AMS supports import of media from external (additional) rippers.

The AMS (Akurate Music Server)  supports automatic import of FLAC media into the AMS media library. FLAC files with valid meta-data can be copied into the Media Import directory on the NAS. The AMS will import these files and they will be available for playback via the AMS control interface.

Ams Media.png

  • Ensure Media Import Enabled box is checked

Importing media from an external ripper, (eg, EAC or RipStationMicroDS) can be used with this feature.

  • Configure your ripping software to copy ripped files to the Media Import directory on the NAS. Your ripping program should be configured to rip to the FLAC media format and contain valid track meta-data.

By default the Media Import directory is "/Media/import" on the AMS NAS.

Ripping options are configurable from the AMS web interface.


  • You can edit the Tags and ANY file on the AMS NAS. The only restriction is that you CANNOT change the FILENAME or DIRECTORY of the Music. (The AMS database is built on the filename and locations. It does NOT use the Tags, thus these can be edited to whatever you want.)
  • If you want to change the AMS media name, this can only be done via the LINNTEK software. When you edit the media name using the LINNTEK software, this changes the database information for that file in that directory. It does nothing with that Media file.
  • When you rip a CD in to the AMS, if you have this configured (via the web-interface) to Rip as FLAC, it will rip the CD in FLAC with the metadata AGS added. This simplifies the process of adding Music to the AMS and DS.

Shared Media Library

As of version 4.10-5 the Akurate Music Server rips to the FLAC media file format by default. FLAC is the optimal media format to share your media library for playback on both your DS and AMS systems.

To allow playback of the AMS media library on your DS system you should configure Twonky UPnP Media Server to point to the AMS Media Library directory. By default this directory is "/Media/audio".  Add this directory to the list of directories scanned by Twonky Media Server.

Once the library has been scanned by Twonky, you will be able to select and play the content of the AMS media library from the DS control point software, (eg KinskyPDA).

AMS Media Library options are configurable from the AMS web interface. Twonky Media server options are configurable from the Twonky configuration page.