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Linn DSM products with HDMI Audio pass-thro and surround processing

Release Davaar 4.2.3 (14th Oct 2011)

The Linn DSM products HDMI output will:-
1. Pass-throu the HDMI audio when the Linn DSM is in Standby.
2. Pass-throu the HDMI audio when the Linn DSM is listening to an Analogue or Digital Audio input.
3. BLOCK the HDMI audio to the TV if the the DSM is listening to a HDMI input.

From Davaar50 (Sept 2016) the 'stripped' surround audio is no longer fed out of the Linn DSM - HDMI OUT to a surround processor. This is now processed with Exakt speakers, check Surround speaker setup.
The HDMI pass-throu and HDMI block still occur as above.

Common setup

The Klimax Exaktbox has 6 outputs, can I use each output to drive a loudspeaker in my 5.1 surround system?

Yes if your Linn DSM has Davaar68 or higher firmware. This will allow you to setup individual surround channels for specific outputs of the Exaktbox.

What setting do I put on my Linn Sub-woofer with this Surround setup?

Put all Sub-woofer settings back to their default settings. (Check the Product Manuals for a guide to reset Linn speakers.)

I have an exclamation mark icon (!) on my DSM display. What does this mean?

Your DSM has not detected all the speakers that were originally configured for surround. Open Konfig, select your DSM then the Exakt tab to see which speakers have been detected.
If you have removed a speaker from your system (e.g. a centre channel), you may need to temporarily change channel assignment of another speaker. When you return this to its original value, Konfig will allow you to save the new surround configuration.

Do my front left/right speakers always have to be Exakt speakers?

No, you can configure the analogue outputs of you Majik/Akurate/Klimax DSM to feed the front left/right and the Exaktbox/Exakt speakers for any other channels. However this will not be the best Musical option as the passive speaker will never sound as good as the fully Exakt'ed speakers.