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Exakt-link passes the digital audio data, master clock from the Linn DS/DSM/Hub and power trigger down one CAT-5 ethernet cable.to the Exakt loudspeaker, Exaktbox or Urika-II. The digital audio data stream contains information for mulitple audio channels and can be daisy chained through another Exakt products to more loudspeakers, Exaktboxes etc.The master clock is held within the Linn DS/DSM/Hub and makes sure that the music is always on-time/in-tune with every other Exakt loudspeaker.

On Linn DS/DSM products you can have stereo audio on both Exakt speakers and analogue audio outputs. However, by default, this is disabled and if you have Exakt speakers/ExaktBox connected the audio is muted from the analogue output.
To have both analogue and Exakt audio at the same time, go into Konfig > DEVICE > ADVANCED to enable Dual Analogue/Exakt Stereo Output.
Note: the only difference is that the Exakt audio is delayed by approx 40mS compared to the Analogue output due to the digital processing.

The only other time that the Exakt audio outputs are disabled is when the Internal volume control is turned OFF

Konfig states "EXAKT DISABLED"

If you have the Internal Volume control disabled within Konfig your Exakt-link sockets are disabled. (to stop full volume always playing on your Exakt system!)

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