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Exakt technology brings natural sound to the listener.
One Exakt Engine is designed for the signal processing for one loudspeaker. Although when the Linn Surround decoder was launched we added Exakt Engine filters to drive each output full-range and could be assigned their Surround audio channel instead of being a Digital crossover.
The Engine will:

  1. Take the digital stream is then split up to send to the correct speaker drive unit with that loudspeaker.(Bass, mid, tweeter etc).
  2. Each speaker drive unit feed is then adjusted in gain level to match the speaker drive unit performance and any Space Optimisation adjustments
  3. Finally, each speaker drive unit audio delivers a linear phase performance across all the frequencies to ensure they arrive at your ear perfectly synchronised.

The Klimax Exaktbox & Akurate Exaktbox6 have one Exakt Engine with six audio channels.
The Akurate Exaktbox10, Akurate Exaktbox-I and Majik Exaktbox-I have two Exakt Engines. The Akurate Exaktbox10 has 5channels per Engine. The Akurate & Majik Exaktbox-I each have 4channels per Engine.

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