Device Recovery procedure

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Recovery Procedure

  • Download the latest version of software for your product from >HERE< (Make sure Bucket Open.png is hlighlighted to show the full file listing).
  • Save this .zip file to a known location on your hard drive
  • Open Linn Konfig
  • Go to the ‘Advanced’ page
  • Make sure the Linn DS/DSM/HUB is powered on and connected to the network
  • Press the fallback button on the Linn DS/DSM/HUB product
  • The DS should appear in Konfig with a lightning symbol beside it
  • Click the 'Browse' button beside the Linn DS/DSM/HUB in Konfig
  • Locate the .zip file that you just saved and select this
  • Select the ‘Device Recovery’ option (this will revert all user settings to factory defaults)
  • Click on ‘Update’
  • The unit should update successfully
  • If the update fails then contact your Linn retailer for further support

NOTE: On a Mac the downloaded firmware is automatically unzipped by the OS and so the location is a directory, unlike on Windows where the location is the downloaded zip file.
To stop this, go into Safari Settings > Preferences > General > uncheck "Open safe files after downloading"