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Architecture Overview

The Delay Service maintains a list of delay Presets within the product. The size of this list is fixed for each product and reported by the PresetCount function. Each Preset can then be referenced by a unique index* in the list. Only one Preset, and thus one index, can be active at any given time. Each Preset stores three user configurable parameters; Name, Delay and Visible. When a Preset is activated the value of its Delay parameter is applied to the audio signal path, provided the product's currently active source is delayable. [* index is zero based, ie 0,1,2,3,4,5..n, where n=PresetCount-1]

Current Preset

The current (ie currently active) Preset can be changed by index. The function SetPresetIndex is used to set the current Preset by index. If the specified index is out of range (>=PresetCount) an error will be reported. The function PresetIndex returns the index of the current Preset.

Preset Name

Preset Name is a user configurable string parameter used to identify a Preset. The function SetPresetName is used to set the Name parameter.

Preset Delay

Preset Delay is a user configurable parameter that specifies the delay in milliseconds (ms) that should be applied*, to the audio signal path, when the Preset is selected. The function SetPresetDelay is used to set the Delay parameter. [* Note: The delay will only be applied if the currently active source is delayable]

Preset Visible

Preset Visible is a user configurable boolean flag that specifies whether a Preset is visible when browsing the list of Presets via the product's front panel. The function SetPresetVisible is used to set the Visible flag.


The function PresetXml returns, in XML format, a list of all Presets and their associated parameters Name, Delay and Visible.


DelayMinimum returns the minimum possible delay which can be applied to any Preset. DelayMinimum is read only.


DelayMaximum returns the maximum possible delay which can be applied to any Preset. DelayMaximum is read only.


PresetCount returns the number of presets that exist in the Delay Service (ie the Preset list size). PresetCount is read only.

API Reference

Delay Service Description (XML)

Migration Guide


Upnp Action Name Changes


Obsolete Functions