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Davaar Developer Documentation


Davaar is the name of a Linn software compatibility family. It represents a family of on- and off-device software that is interoperable.

This interoperability consists in a stable set of well-defined interfaces and a shared set of software practices, including product discovery and playlist management algorithms.

Davaar contains two new headline features:

  • Openhome compatibility
  • Sender/Receiver support

Openhome compatibility

Openhome is an independent standard for networked home devices. Davaar brings Linn's DS devices into line with this Openhome standard. Each Openhome service is described below, together with a migration guide for its Linn Cara equivalent.

Sender/Receiver support

Davaar allows one DS to play whatever is being played by another DS. This is achieved by coupling the new Receiver source (and associated service) with the new Sender service. One sender can send to an arbitrary number of receivers, and there is no limit on the number of senders. A detailed description is given below.


A detailed description of the OpenHome services can be found on the OpenHome website


Davaar 1

Known Issues

If you are using an alpha or beta release of the code, bugs, features and performance issues should be expected. Keeping an up-to-date bug log on this Wiki page would be unreasonable, hence only issues which require a work-around to get the code running will be listed here in detail.

Required Workarounds

  • None
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