Demo Rooms Checks

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Demo Room Checks

  • Run through these checks in the order described
  • Final check will setup the default conditions which is how area should be left

Music Room

Using the iPad

  • Ensure connected to Dem rooms network
  • Check AirPlay with Spotify
    • Start Spotify playing
    • Set AirPlay speaker to Music Room:Klimax DS
      • (double-tap button, scroll lower icons fully left, shows AirPlay icon)
    • Listen to confirm OK
    • Set AirPlay speaker to iPad
    • Stop Spotify playback
  • Check Radio using Kinsky
    • Ensure Music Room is visible
    • Select Music Room with Radio source (should auto-play)
    • Increase/decrease volume, listen to confirm OK
    • Check playback timer is incrementing
    • Listen to confirm OK
  • Check Playlist from NAS using Kinsky
    • Select Music Room with Playlist source
    • Add Shared Playlist called Music Room to playlist
      • [Home -> Shared Playlists -> Linn Songbox (DemoRooms Mac Mini) -> Music Room]
    • Start playback, listen to confirm OK

AV Room

Default Setup