Debug:Get Kazoo Server Gateway Logs

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If all of these are visible the next step is with the Kazoo Server Gateway V4.10.XX or later
1. Go into Kazoo Server settings and ENABLE "Verbose Logging"
2. Go into web-browser and type Kazoo Server IP address followed by :4000/dm/logs
e.g. for Kazoo server on IP, type →
Click on [SHOW] this will show the Gateway logs down to Network Logs:.
If you do any actions this page will need to be REFRESHED (f5) and [SHOW] reselected
3. To get the full logs for each days activity
Windows 10: File Explorer → C:\ProgramData\KazooServer\Logs\Application
OSX: Go to Folder → /Users/Shared/KazooServer/Logs/Application
QNAP: File Station → Home > .config > Linn > Kazoo Server > Logs > Application
for QNAP: File Station - Settings and enable: "Show hidden folders on NAS" to see the .config folder