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Linn DS in a Knekt system

The Linn DS products can only act as sources (like a CD player, Radio etc) within the Knekt system.

The Linn DS or Linn DSI products CANNOT replace any Knekt preamplifier products within a Knekt system as they do not have any Knekt control sockets (Remote IN/OUT) and can only be controlled by IR. (Early versions on the Sekrit-DSI had Remote IN/OUT connectors, but never incorporated in to the internal software for use)

The Internal volume control of the Linn DS products must be disabled. Otherwise you will have two volume controls in the system. One within the Linn DS player and one in each room controlled by the Knekt-RCU.
This means that you could have the Room (Knekt-RCU) volume quite high and the Linn DS volume quite low. If you switch to another source, like the TV, this is now playing at a high volume control!

Using the Linn DSI products can confuse things even further as you may not be listening to a media streaming source and/or you cannot disable the internal volume control, so you cannot use DSI/DSM products in a Knekt system.

RCU control

The Sneaky-DS and Sekrit-DSI are the only products with RCU- Accessory sockets. These ACC sockets are designed for use with ONLY the Basik3 and Basik3-IR RCU use. They are not designed to work with a Knekt system
(Remember that the Linn DS products can only be used as Source in the Knekt system, their internal volume controls are disabled in this use.)
The Basik3 RCU allows Standby and volume up/down control.
The Basik3-IR RCU has the additional IR control option of the Sekrit-DSI and Sneaky-DS

The Knekt-RCU (11 buttons) can be programmed to have limited functionality with the Linn DS players via an IR emitter:

Play, Stop, Pause, Skip+ , Skip- & Standby

On some Knekt systems, (using the Linn Dekoda)
1. you can also add the search and Kinsky Jukebox selection.
2. Some Linn DS internet Radio functions can be programmed into the Linn Dekoda.

The Knekt-RCU will only control the Linn DS by IR and therefore has no feedback on the Knekt-RCU display as to which track is playing etc

The important point is that the Knekt-RCU must be programmed for this new source by your Retailer.

Linn DS as a Main Knekt Source

In the drawing below, the Linn DS product is shared throughout your Knekt system. (The Linn DS must be set as a "source only" to share the full line level audio to each room and let each room decide the volume level)

Main DS - Knekt.jpg

Linn DS as a Local source

The other option is to have the Linn DS as a local room source. This will not share the Linn DS audio to other Knekt rooms, but allow the Linn DS to control some of the Knekt Receivers (LR2/RA2) as preamplifiers. (check the Konfig Proxy RS232 Preamplifier for these products).

The Linn DS only has control of the local Knekt Receiver (LR2/RA2), if you want to select and control a Main system source, this MUST be performed by the Knekt-RCU. (The Knekt-RCU has standard control of the local room).

DS - Knekt rrom.jpg

Note: The Majik DSI & Sekrit DSI products CANNOT be used in the Knekt system as the DSI products have inbuilt pre-amplifiers.

If you want to totally change from Knekt to Linn DS/DSI products, the CAT5 can be re-terminated from Knekt to Ethernet termination