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System Compatibility

Linn takes a full system approach to compatibility. Compatibility Families are a way of controlling compatibility across many products in your home. For example, if you have both a Sneaky Music DS, a Klimax DS, a preamp, and a UPnP controller in your home, you should ensure that all products are in the same family to get the most out of your system.

You can find out what Compatibility Family your product is in by running the Konfig application or refering to the table below.

A product can be moved between Compatibility Families by applying the appropriate firmware or software release.

Version Numbers

Coinciding with the first Cara release, a new three digit software version numbering system was introduced for all DS related Linn releases. In this system, the first digit specifies the compatibility family, the second digit specifies the the major revision and the the third specifies the minor revision.

For example, a software release labelled 3.9.7, belongs to family 3 (Cara), major version 9, minor version 7.

It is worth noting that all Cara releases, for example, use a 3 as the first digit of their software version number. It is also worth noting that the minor revision number relates to the build number which is effectively the iteration of that version we reached before deciding to release. Therefore 3.9.7 is Cara 9 build 7.

Whenever a new version of software is released for a particular product, we will always increment the major version number. We would never release 3.9.7 followed by 3.9.8. Any 3.9.x release would be followed by a 3.10.x or 4.1x release.


As a consequence of this system compatibility approach, when introducing additional Linn equipment into an existing system, all the components should be upgraded to the same family.

Before upgrading a product it is necessary to check all products in the system have a firmware release available for that family.
The Konfig application will assist in identifying the current family of each product and availability of appropriate firmware releases.

Compatibility Families

This table shows system compatibility across Linn’s products.

Compatibility Family Software Release RS232 Products
Davaar Davaar (4.x.x)

As in Bute

Cara Cara (3.x.x)

As in Bute


Klimax DS 1.2
Akurate DS 1.1
Majik DS 1.0
Sneaky Music DS 1.1
Linn GUI 1.3
Linn Config 1.2

Klimax Kontrol (PCAS316LL1, S01020119)
Akurate Kontrol (S03110103)
Kinos (SP040V6)
Kisto (SP034V7) 
Unidisk 1.1(S01150218)
Unidisk 2.1 (S01150218)
Unidisk SC (S01150221)
CD12 (SERVO 11 HDCD 2, S0450206)
Akurate CD (S0 1150222)
Majik-I (S03130104)
Majik Kontrol (S04080109)
Majik CD (S02320102)
Classik Movie (S02220111)
Classik Music (S03530102)
Roomamp 2 (S01700104)

Auskerry Klimax DS 1.0, 1.1
Akurate DS 1.0
Sneaky Music DS 1.0
Linn GUI 1.0, 1.1, 1.2
Linn Config 1.0, 1.1

Klimax Kontrol (PCAS316LL1, S01020117 and S1020109)
Akurate Kontrol (B04210101)
Akurate CD (B04200102)
CD12 (SERVO 11 HDCD 2, S0450205)