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This page is a guidance only and concerns Products/Software that Linn Products Ltd has no control over.
Network devices Linn have tried are listed Here

iPad keeps losing Linn DS/DSM and/or Library

The key point to Security (WPA2 Personal - AES)
  • Check stability with a PC
Check the PC connected to the Network using Wifi
& Check the PC with a wired LAN
This will tell you if it is an unstable WiFi connection or only links to iPad operation
Tools for this diagnosis are shown in Network Applications

iPad/PC connected via WiFi cannot see Linn DS but works on Internet

  • Some Routers will allow Guest WiFi access and allow Wifi connections to access the Internet but not allow the Wireless device to see anything on the LAN. Therefore the Library and DS are not seen on Kinsky
Read the Manual and check your Router is not configured for Guest access. (This is a different setup for every Manufacturer).

  • On Windows7 you can define a Network type, (Network and Sharing Centre). This MUST be set as being a Work or Home Network to allow UPnP operation. (Public networks appear to block UPnP operation)

Any Music streams keep muting

This is dependent on the quality of the Ethernet network. If you have any data path that is slow or prone to disconnection this can cause the muting as the DS is waiting for the data.

  • Some Routers/WAPs do not receive Music streams via WiFi very well. Devices that we have tested and appear to work in our environment are listed here
Note: Different firmware versions may produce different results, so we have included the tested firmware version
  • Wireless Multi Media (WMM) - Enabled is reported by some network forums to have benefit to reduce this muting. This is unconfirmed.
  • Ethernet-over-mains devices can cause issues as any mains noise, (caused by Freezer, rotary dimmers etc) will reduce the bandwidth available and can also causing delays in the data transmission.

Tools for this diagnosis are shown in Network Applications