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Linn Ekstatik

Moving coil cartirdge

Ekstatik 3d 72dpi.png

Ekstatik Cartridge

In order to better Kandid, we needed to look further afield, and at more varied materials. We conducted extensive experiments; auditioning different materials and configurations for the body, inserts, cantilever, suspension, windings and leads. The result is Ekstatik – the new jewel in the crown of the Linn cartridge range.

Note: Ekstatik requires at least 15hrs ‘burn-in’; we’ve found that performance continues to improve and reaches its peak after ~40hrs.

Key Points

• A micro-ridge stylus on a sapphire cantilever makes for an extraordinarily responsive cartridge.
• Featuring aluminium-bronze inserts, to reap the sonic benefits of this alloy.
• Bespoke honeycomb cut into the cartridge body means mass is reduced to our preferred sweet spot of close to 7g.
• Designed to outperform our Kandid MC cartridge.


If the Ekstatik cartridge has been provided with 2 long and 1 short screws (later cartridges have been supplied with 3 short screws):

The long screws are only for the outer/side mounting points.
The short screw is for the rear centre mount

Technical Specifications

Ekstatik side 72dpi.png Introduction: 2021
Type : Moving Coil Tracking
Impedance: 12 Ohms
Recommend capacitance: 1 nF
Recommended Load: 42Ω ~ 1kΩ (determine optimum by listening)
Output voltage: 0.45mV @ 3.54 cm/s
Stylus: Micro ridge
Cantilever Sapphire
Wieght: 7 grams
Crosstalk: > 28dB
Channel balance at 1kHz: < 1dB
Tracking force: 2.0 gram