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The typical termination standard between Linn products are:



Input sensitivity: Selectable: 1 / 2 / 4 Vrms

Input impedance: typically 10 kΩ

Analogue Output: 2 Vrms

Output Impedance: 300 Ω

RCA Output Coupling: Transformer - Klimax DS/1 onwards and all Klimax DSM

Direct - all other products



Input sensitivity: Selectable: 2 / 4 / 8 Vrms

Input impedance: 7.8kΩ

XLR Coupling: Direct (some Klimax products have the option of Transformer or Direct)

Analogue Output: 4 Vrms

Output Impedance: 300 Ω
XLR Output Coupling: Direct - Majik/Akurate/Selekt

Transformer - Klimax

XLR pin outs
XLR Pin outs.png

1 - Sheild
2 - HOT (white)
3 - COLD (Blue)

Converting XLR to/from Phono/RCA

XLR to Phono.png


The SPDIF Outputs are fixed level, there is NO volume control.


Input voltage 0.3V (when terminated with 75Ω )

Input impedance: 75Ω


Min Input voltage 0.5V rms (when terminated with 75Ω )

Input impedance: 75Ω

Exakt Cables

ALL FOUR pairs of the cables are used in the Exakt-Link cable. This is NOT an ethernet transport cable but an Exakt transport cable. These pairs are used to transmit the audio data, power triggers and a master timing control to ensure that the audio from all channels are in perfect sync.

The Exakt-link has been designed to operate with the CAT-5 cable electrical specifications for signal timings. There have been NO changes to this design for any other CAT cable standards. (updated 2019)

We recommend using the 100Base-T4 / 568B ethernet cable pairing
Exakt Link uses readily available network cables:
Note: There is no change in the audio performance of the Exakt Link between Cat 5 or Cat 6 Cables.

Cat-7 and Cat-8 cables may not work well with an Exakt system. For a trouble-free, reliable, high performance installation, we recommend use of Cat 5 or Cat 6.

Typical Ethernet 100Base-T length restrictions guide:

Patch cable < 30M
Solid core cable < 100M

EXAKT-LINK CANNOT be used with:

  • Ethernet Network Routers,
  • Ethernet Network Switches,
  • Ethernet Isolators,
  • Ethernet conditioners,
  • HomePlugs/Ethernet-over-Mains devices
  • WLAN bridges etc

Exakt-Link can ONLY be a CAT5/6 cable from Exakt socket to Exakt socket

EXAKT LINK terminations

  • The cables are paired up using OUT > IN style connections.
  • Any Linn product with these sockets can be linked together. This means you can link a Klimax DS/2 to a Majik ExaktBox-I and have a fully working Exakt system