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Davaar 86 Build 421 (4.86.421) Released on 02 November 2021

  • Added pins support for airable Radio

Davaar 86 Build 419 (4.86.419) Released on 26 October 2021

  • Added airable Radio support
    • Your device will need to be associated with your Linn account to use airable radio.
    • Requires Linnapp 4.4.8 or higher (available through TestFlight). You will need to add the airable Radio Music Source from the settings tab in Linnapp.
    • To configure your device to use airable for radio presets: Linn account -> Manage Systems -> Edit Settings -> Music -> Radio Presets Provider -> Airable
  • Fixed customer reported Hot-Plug Detect issues with certain TVs
  • Fixed #7059: Resolved ARC no audio issues with certain Samsung TVs when TV Audio Mode "Auto" is used