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Davaar 82 Build 412 (4.82.412) Released on 15 July 2021

  • Greatly improved accuracy of lipsync in default (minimal delay) setting
  • Updated SSL certificate for (used for WiFi setup) as the current certificate expires on 04 August 2021

Davaar 82 Build 410 (4.82.410) Released on 23 June 2021

  • Fixed #7536: Fix for occasional no ARC audio from boot with some models of LG TV
  • Fixed #7565: No audio in ARC mode with some models of Logik TV
  • Fixed #7586: Deezer pins: Shuffle flag not being set

Davaar 82 Build 408 (4.82.408) Released on 10 June 2021

  • Added Deezer streaming service support
PLEASE NOTE: Deezer support also requires an update to the latest beta version of the Linn app. Required versions:
   Linn: v4.3.14+
   Kazoo: not currently supported
  • Added eARC HDMI support for Klimax DSM/3 (AV and System Hub variants)
PLEASE NOTE: there are known compatibility issues with certain LG TVs. eARC can be disabled from Konfig is you are experiencing problems