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Davaar 70 Build 300 (4.70.300) Released on 30 May 2019

  • Added Balance and Lip Sync settings to Selekt menu
  • Fixed issue with changing balance on Selekt from legacy handsets
  • Fixed #6494: No LFE trim on Selekt TOS input
  • Fixed #6499: Crash entering Standby

Davaar 70 Build 291 (4.70.291) Released on 16 May 2019

  • Implemented more reliable communication of device state to wireless control points
  • Fixed #6504: Kiko: SourceToggle from remote no longer works
  • Fixed #6447: Kiko display does not illuminate on network control changes
  • Fixed #6455: Fix for unplayable radio stations (such as Radio RTV Drenthe and the Radio 10 family of stations)
  • Fixed #5211: HDMI Reading from an invalid EDID.
  • Fixed #6495: crash on digital input.
  • Fixed #5143: I2C bus access as power is going off.
  • Fixed numerous customer crash reports related to SiI9777 hardware.