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Davaar 66 Build 255 (4.66.255) Released on 09 Nov 2018

  • Added ability to use Selekt DSM with external pre-amps (line out configuration, volume control disabled).

Davaar 66 Build 254 (4.66.254) Released on 05 Nov 2018

  • Fix for Selekt DSM display issues
  • Fix for handling digital input from legacy Linn CD players
  • Fix for hang when attempting to play Qobuz tracks not supported in user's region

Davaar 66 Build 252 (4.66.252) Released on 25 Oct 2018

Davaar 66 Build 250 (4.66.250) Released on 11 Oct 2018

  • Fixed possible hang changing room name from Linn web site
  • Selekt - minor display improvements
  • Fixed defect #6293: Sekrit DSM - Source selection via IR issue
  • Fixed defect #6294: Sekrit DSM - IR led not blinking on front panel.
  • Fixed defect #6221: Add volume control option for SelektDsm.
  • Fixed defect #6203: Fix deadlock in Exakt subsystem during device discovery (may manifest itself when coming out of standby).
  • Fixed defect #5782: Fix no audio from Urika II following power cycle when DS powers back onto Exakt source.
  • Fixed defect #6138: Fix deadlock starting Spotify playback while taking device out of standby.
  • Fixed defect #6246: Fix crash while playing FLAC file with format change mid-stream.
  • Fixed defect #6194: Fix invalid memory access on network adapter change.