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Davaar 64 Build 238 (4.64.238) Released on 25 Sep 2018

  • Fixed regression error causing radio pins to select the incorrect station

Davaar 64 Build 236 (4.64.236) Released on 20 Sep 2018

  • Maintenance and bug fixes

Davaar 64 Build 228 (4.64.234) Released on 14 Sep 2018

  • Pins: improved loading speed for large playlists from Tidal and Qobuz
  • Pins: improved cancelling functionality
  • Pins: randomised content from pin if > 1000 tracks

Davaar 64 Build 228 (4.64.228) Released on 30 Aug 2018

  • Fixed #6133: Display sleep not working after update from 4.63
  • Fixed #6131: No audio in one or more channels on some Exakt setups
  • Fixed missing icons for certain devices

Davaar 64 Build 226 (4.64.226) Released on 23 Aug 2018

Introducing Pins

Pins are a new, convenient, way to access your favourite content.

You will also need to download Kazoo beta to start using Pins.

You can access the Kazoo beta for Windows, iOS and Android, if you are part of the Kazoo beta programme.

How do I set a Pin?

In Kazoo, browse (or search) for the content you would like to pin, then click the "pin" icon under the "more" action. Clicking the "pin" icon will allow you to select a pin to assign the content to.

How do I play a Pin?

From Kazoo, select the Pin tile and then click the desired pin.

From the DS remote, press and hold the pin number for 2 seconds.

Sample commands for Alexa can be found HERE

How do I provide feedback?

We are interested in hearing about any issues you might have, but, we are particularly interested in hearing about issues around the setting and playback of a pin.

You can provide us with feedback using the “Report to Linn” button.

If you are leaving a thread please format your post in the following way:

Thread Subject: [PINS beta bug] <summary of bug> Your message: <description of bug> and <steps required to recreate the bug>

Thread Subject: [PINS feature request] <summary of feature> Your message: <description of feature>

What if I want to add pins support to my control point?

Developers can check out and start implementing!