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Davaar 62 Build 200 (4.62.200) Released on 01 Mar 2018

  • Fixed #5659: Race condition in Exakt discovery

Davaar 62 Build 198 (4.62.198) Released on 15 Feb 2018

  • Fix for occasional dropouts reported on external sources
  • Fixed defect #5678: Changing track in 'track position' (X/Y) display mode doesn't refresh track position
  • Fixed defect #5682: ADS Renew handset skip fails after facdef
  • Fixed defect #5459: An Exakt Sub Box set to "MONO" on DS products with Exakt and without HDMI will now output a mono downmix
  • Fixed defect #5611: Analogue output test tones played via Konfig's "Speakers/Exakt" tab now work correctly on products without surround capabilities