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Davaar 60 Build 193 (4.60.193) Released on 07 Dec 2017

  • Rework of BBC radio streaming code to better handle intermittent connection issues
  • Various small fixes for DSD tracks
  • Added support for HTTPS radio streams (re-enables support for ALR Jazz and Absolute Radio)
  • Faster eventing of updates after skipping tracks or seeking
  • Fixed #4752: BBC streams don't resume when network cable disconnected and re-connected
  • Fixed #4631 and #5427: Occasional crashes while on BBC radio streams
  • Fixed #5594: Dropouts when playing from phono source

Davaar 60 Build 192 (4.60.192) Released on 30 Nov 2017


  • Added support for DSD playback on Klimax DS/3(Mk4) and Klimax DSM/2(Mk3)
    • Supports DSD64 and DSD128
    • Supports DSF (with metadata) and DFF (raw data) formats
    • Uses Katalyst DAC on DS/DSM analogue outputs (not available on Exakt outputs)
    • Known Issue: No balance adjustment available

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed #5548: Enable Songcast synchronisation when on Spotify source, via Songcast delay option
  • Fixed #5549: Fix no audio/volume control on first selection of Spotify source in certain setups

Davaar 60 Build 190 (4.60.190) Released on 16 Nov 2017

  • Fixed defects #4431 and #4655: Errors in web UI help text.
  • Fixed defect #5558: Handset does not stop internet radio playback
  • Fixed defect #5525: Analogue Sources set to Delay Mode-"Video Sync" on Klimax Exakt DSM do not have the IR sync adjust option
  • Fixed defect #5520: Klimax products source select failure

Davaar 60 Build 188 (4.60.188) Released on 26 Oct 2017

  • Fixed space optimisation for certain devices
  • Fixed defect #5520: Klimax products source select failure

Davaar 60 Build 186 (4.60.186) Released on 09 Oct 2017

  • Improved Exakt device discovery time
  • Fixed #5471: IR: Seek doesn't work on Sneaky family products
  • Fix for crash on Airplay
  • Fix for rare crash involving Exakt and toggling Standby
  • Fix for crash scrolling non-ascii metadata