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Davaar 58 Build 182 (4.58.182) Released on 09 Aug 2017

  • Don’t display skip next/previous buttons for Calm Radio stations.
  • Fix one possible cause of errors reading network time (which causes failures to play Qobuz tracks)

Davaar 58 Build 181 (4.58.181) Released on 07 Aug 2017

  • Handle HTTP redirects for Calm Radio streams (used by some free streams).
  • Fix #5449 – crash processing WAV files that report their length as zero.
  • Relax tests for validity of WAV files (MinimStreamer sometimes outputs a slightly corrupt header on WAV streams).

Davaar 58 Build 180 (4.58.180) Released on 02 Aug 2017

  • Added support for Calm Radio
  • Added Transport service. Developers see Transport Service Documentation for details.
  • Front panel now displays transport state on NetAux
  • Fixed crash reading network time (during startup of Qobuz tracks)