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Davaar 56 Build 177 (4.56.177) Released on 01 Jun 2017

  • Fixed defect #5361: Proxy preamp connection causes DS to lockup on boot. Previous fix for this prevented deadlock, but could leave device in unknown state when taken out of standby. Address that, and propagate fix to remaining RS232 preamp proxies.

Davaar 56 Build 176 (4.56.176) Released on 26 May 2017

  • Fixed defect #5361: Deadlock on boot if preamp connected via RS232 and enabled.

Davaar 56 Build 174 (4.56.174) Released on 18 May 2017

  • Improved handling of errors reading network time (may reduce problems with skipped or slow to start tracks from Qobuz)
  • Added SDDP support for Control 4 installations
  • Fixed defect #5300: KDSM (all variants) crash on spdif/tos selection when HDMI board disconnected

Davaar 56 Build 173 (4.56.173) Released on 20 Apr 2017

  • Fix for slow eventing from a DS (this may manifest as discovery problems)
  • Fix for crash processing a malformed search request (from an unknown third party control point)
  • Fixed defect #5295: HDMI2: Fix potential deadlock when switching between HDMI sources (only seen internally)
  • Fixed defect #5287: Exakt: Front panel exclamation shows on valid stereo-only setup
  • Fixed defect #5281: Mute failing to fully mute (KDSM, Kiko)
  • Fixed defect #5265: Volume commands shouldn't affect Standby state if volume control is disabled
  • Fixed defect #5263: Sekrit DSM: No FP AMP or IR led operation
  • Fixed defect #5258: KDSM/2 front panel LED does not come on after power cycle
  • Fixed defect #5241: UI: Small volume value has right most pixels missing (when volume =100)
  • Fixed defect #5255: '&' character not shown on display (artist and composer fields)