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Davaar 55 Build 172 (4.55.172) Released on 22 Mar 2017

  • Fixed #5245: HDMI output shows wrong HDMI source at startup

Davaar 55 Build 171 (4.55.171) Released on 16 Mar 2017

  • Fixed drop in volume on HDMI when device or source has volume control disabled
  • Fixed crash playing 192/24 with Space+ enabled, surround setup and a large difference in positions of Exakt and analog speakers
  • Fixed #5602: analogue channels not always immediately in sync for surround content after applying Space Optimisation+

Davaar 55 Build 170 (4.55.170) Released on 09 Mar 2017


  • Added trim control for Centre/LFE channels. This is available using the Ir handset and can be used to fine-tune the relative volume of these channels compared to other inputs channels. Trim is available regardless of whether Centre/LFE are output to dedicated speakers or down-mixed into the rest of a surround system.
  • Volume is automatically adjusted to account for any attenuation caused by down-mixing multi-channel (surround) inputs
  • Songcast sending of surround content is temporarily disabled


  • Fixed crash playing digital inputs
  • #5202 - Fix digital outs carrying audio when in surround mode.
  • #5211 - Fix crash caused by radio metadata.
  • #5228 - Fix potential hang when switching between surround/stereo input material.

Davaar 55 Build 169 (4.55.169) Released on 27 Feb 2017

  • Fixed audio output silence on Exakt only Klimax and Akurate DSM devices

Davaar 55 Build 168 (4.55.168) Released on 24 Feb 2017

  • New exakt filters for surround mode subwoofers
  • Adjust volume to account for any attenuation caused by down-mixing multi-channel content
  • Fixed #5165: Fix bug resulting in some AIFF files failing to play
  • Fixed #5108: Add "Dual Analogue/Exakt" output option to DS products with Exakt
  • Fixed #5166: Remove "Dual Analogue/Exakt" output option from Exakt-only DSMs
  • Fixed #5102: Fix digital outs not working on DSMs with Exakt speakers connected
  • Fixed #5138:'Lipsync option missing on Analog in on KDSM with Exakt'
  • Fixed #5170:'Marantz handset commands are adjusting balance on DS/DSM'

Davaar 55 Build 167 (4.55.167) Released on 16 Feb 2017

  • Fixed #5150: Fix potential DS deadlock when setting up Exakt devices.
  • Fixed #5151: Fix setting of analogue delay.
  • Fixed #5121: Improve handling of mismatched speaker configurations.

Davaar 55 Build 166 (4.55.166) Released on 13 Feb 2017

  • Fixes downgrade issue when space optimisation is set. Devices with this issue will need to be updated to this beta release (4.55.166) before they can be downgraded.

Davaar 55 Build 165 (4.55.165) Released on 09 Feb 2017

  • Added support for surround sound via Exakt
  • Fixed #5114: Reselecting the same playlist track via handset doesn't restart track
  • Fixed #5135: Front panel source button does not work on some Akurate DS variants
  • Fixed #5124: Kiko fails to disable power amps in standby

Davaar 55 Build 164 (4.55.164) Released on 02 Feb 2017

  • Fixed defect #4703: Line-out muted on Majik DSi & DSM
  • Fixed defect #4744: Display "pulses"
  • Fixed defect #5106: Rem19 Amp->Left/Right key functionality clash with Klimax Kontrol
  • Fixed defect #5043: Kiko - headphones not fully muting speaker output
  • Fixed defect #5100: Crash caused by Exakt debugging which was affecting some users' DSs
  • Work towards #4686: Muting may now give a more gradual fade of audio
  • Fixed rare crash sending UPnP announcements
  • Work towards a rare crash dealing with drop-outs on digital inputs

Davaar 55 Build 163 (4.55.163) Released on 27 Jan 2017

  • New/Improved functionality
    • Add logging to help diagnose a rare crash on digital inputs
  • Defects fixed
    • #4836 - Handset navigation of playlist by artist or album not implemented
    • #4855 - tone issue on Kiko family (whistling)
    • #4098 - incorrect display of lip sync range when Exakt devices are connected.
    • #5069 - HDMI disable pass-through issue on HDMI1 products
    • #5070 - Kiko help text timeout using wrong start point / too early
    • Reduced scroll rate on Kiko
    • Removed transport state display glitch on Kiko

Davaar 55 Build 161 (4.55.161) Released on 20 Jan 2017

  • Defects fixed
    • #4990 - handle 16KHz sample rate in products with surround support
    • #5045 - HDMI disable not working
    • #5046 - digital output mode selector missing on DS products
    • #5049 - crash attempting to play 6 channel WAV file
    • #5050 - crash on HDMI source
    • #5051 - front panel scrolling interrupted by sleep
    • #5052, #5056, #5059 - loss of audio when switching away from any SPDIF or TOSLINK input

Davaar 55 Build 160 (4.55.160) Released on 13 Jan 2017

  • New/Improved functionality
    • Classic and Classic Movie Preamp proxies reinstated (no disc functionality)
    • Press and hold of Standby for 10 seconds on Ir remote will force a crash then reboot. This can be used to send information on DS state to Linn.
    • Additional logging to help diagnose DS discovery issues
    • Improved front panel preset navigation
    • Improved general layout on front panel
  • Defects fixed
    • front panel glitches when skipping track etc
    • occasional crash going into standby from an active digital input
    • crash playing very long tracks on UPnP AV source
    • #4903 - assertion in Exakt speaker delay handling
    • #4399 - slow updating of Exakt speaker mappings. Symptom showed as audio playing from both speakers for ~5s when switching between speakers under test using Konfig.
    • #4927 - crash coming out of standby, caused by Exakt.
    • #4929 - assertion in ChannelMapManager.
    • #4938 - crash in Exakt message regulator.
    • #4847 - excessive memory usage by Exakt subsystem.
    • #4532 - intermittent missed audio at start of playback when using Exakt.
    • #4532 - Fixed issue where start of audio was intermittently missed when Exakt speakers used
    • #4292 LED display flickers on IR when IR disabled
    • #4495 VFD displaying exakt logo at all times
    • #4565 Front panel "no network" X indicator is in wrong position
    • #4579 VFD - not scrolling track info on standby exit
    • #4636 Left/Right nav keys on Rem19 do not auto repeat (lipsync control)
    • #4642 Restarting a track or playing the same track again doesn't scroll track data
    • #4707 Source +/- from handset should not change source on a DS
    • #4800 First playlist track not shown on display when playlist restarted
    • #4812 KDSM VFD Help menu scroll is tempramental
    • #4856 UI retains metadata after playlist is deleted.
    • #4876 Press and hold '*' key on handset does not toggle shuffle state
    • #4884 FP display being refreshed every 2-3 seconds on source information make product info requests from IR handset difficult
    • #4891 Skip on radio presets doesn't wrap
    • #4898 Display comes out of sleep when volume is changed by network control point
    • #4907 Press and hold of the remote "i" button should scroll the current track info on the display
    • #4913 UI: Standby logo not being cleared properly on standby exit
    • #4926 Radio station name not being scrolled unless display mode set to "Channel"
  • Mitigation
    • Digital inputs (TOS/SPDIF) were failing to play for some users, particularly KlimaxDSM. This should be very much less likely now, and can be fixed by switch away from, then back to, the desired source.
  • Known issues
    • Disabling of HDMI is not working
    • On Kiko, inserting headphones is not fully muting speaker output (ticket #5043)