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Davaar 54 Build 135 (4.54.135) Released on 25 Nov 2016

  • Web Konfig improvements for Sneaky, Sekrit & Kiko DSMs
  • Migrate user preferences for Kiko LED from Davaar 37
  • Fix selection of radio preset using handset numeric keys
  • Removed fix for #4851: 'Sleep mode still activates in Standby'. (The fix caused a hang in some cases)
  • Support for updated privacy statement
  • Reduced (display) sleep time to match Web Konfig help text
  • Fix rare hang when room name is changed.

Davaar 54 Build 133 (4.54.133) Released on 18 Nov 2016

  • Fix Klimax DSM/2 updater
  • Re-instate crash reporting (fix regression)
  • Fixed defect #4843: 'LED products don't respond to standby enter commands from network'
  • Fixed defect #4851: 'Sleep mode still activates in Standby'
  • Fixed defect #4852: 'Kiko doesn't have option to disable front LED'

Davaar 54 Build 132 (4.54.132) Released on 14 Nov 2016

  • Added support for Sekrit DSM, Sneaky DSM and Kiko DSM
  • Added support for Roomamp 2 using RS232 control
  • Added separate Konfig options for crash and activity reporting.
  • Added hooks for Konfig to display a privacy agreement.
  • Digital Output Mode set to 'Fixed Sample Rate 176/192' now always uses 192k
  • Fixed #4742: WAV transcoded radio streams not playing
  • Fixed #4725: Occasionally AkurateDsMk2 variant without Spdif output starts up in fallback
  • Fixed #4437: Scroll stutter when using Play Now from Kazoo
  • Fixed #4522: After selecting track using nav or num keys, further nav/num keypresses have a lagged effect
  • Fixed #4566: Sneaky MDS - numeral keys do not activate radio preset
  • Fixed #4601: Every other track's metadata won't scroll
  • Fixed #4638: Network source change causes very brief source pop up on UI
  • Fixed #4654: Front panel volume popup times out too quickly when volume changed via network
  • Fixed #4677: VFD displays wrong track title after scrolling
  • Fixed #4727: Front panel - no artist info when on Playlist source
  • Fixed #4751: Front panel displays artist of first track in playlist as current artist
  • Fixed #4760: Front panel shows some metadata fields as empty, and can't select static info type
  • Fixed #4781: Can't navigate between playlist tracks while showing artist/album on front panel
  • Fixed #4791: If startup in sleep mode is disabled, on KDSM the volume isn't displayed.
  • Fixed #4797: Front panel gives no indication that the DS is performing post-standby work
  • Fixed #4799: Direct source selection from Standby takes approx 10secs to action.
  • Fixed #4822: Pressing balance on handset locks up Sneaky MDS with volume control disabled
  • Fixed #4823: Starting playlist in Kazoo with DSM in standby does not always bring the VFD out of standby
  • Fixed #4810: Sekrit DSI IR Transmit does not work (flasher outputs)
  • Fixed #4818: Sekrit DSI Power Amp does not disable via Konfig